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Branding & Positioning Analysis

Grow Your Business

Feeling stuck? Sometimes it can help to get some new perspective on your business or research area. Competitive analysis can identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats facing you in the marketplace. Finding funding opportunities and matching them with client strengths is a key skill set within the Harms & Company Consulting team. 

Research & Development Support

Achieve Your Goals

Finding resources to grow innovative ideas can be challenging. We support individual researchers, teams, consortiums, and businesses in developing strategies to achieve investment from both dilutive (venture capital) and non-dilutive (grant) investments. We have helped clients achieve over $50M in funding. 

Communication Support

Tell Your Story

You completely know why you are awesome, but why isn't everyone getting it? Let us help you with your communication strategy, respond to an RFQ/RFP, build a pitch deck, or address internal communications concerns. Graphic design isn't our forte but we know lots of amazing Canadian contractors and can facilitate the translation of your vision into words and pictures that help everyone else get it too!

Strategic Planning Session

Expert Guidance

Not sure what you need? Let us help coach you through strategic planning or work with your team in a facilitated session. This is usually a first step in any relationship and helps build a comfort level with our consulting style and how we deliver value to our clients.