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Fund The Dream

When you’re looking for a rainmaker, first grab your umbrella, then reach out to Harms & Company.


Securing capital funding and industry investment for commercializing new technologies are the reasons we are committed to telling a compelling story, making the connections and wrapping up successful special projects.

Dreams That Came True


Harms and Company Consulting has helped to successfully raise over 

$50 million dollars in capital and operating investments. Some highlights include:


$11.2 million invested in microbial genomics and biofuel research in western Canada


$14.2 million in strategic infrastructure and operations investments at Lakeland College


$1.6 million for the Alberta Biochar Initiative including mobile pyrolysis equipment  


$529,000 in technology and innovation support for the Lloydminster and Vermilion region from 2016–2021 including placement of an Alberta Innovates Technology Development Advisor (TDA) in the region

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