Harms & Company provides collaborative expertise on special projects that:
  • support technology and research
  • nurture innovation ecosystems and economic development initiatives
  • raise funds for research and development programs for educational institutions, not-for-profits and start-ups
We help you:
  • build your fundraising and communications teams 
  • get your ideas funded and to market 
  • tell your research and development story 
  • find the right connections and bring in the funds to get your idea off the ground
Our clients include:
  • individual researchers with an innovation to share
  • educational institutions 
  • economic development partnerships
  • innovative companies 
We provide the right strategic approach, focused fundraising and communications support for projects of any scale.



Project management for ambitious projects with a focus on advancing research and innovation. We assemble the right team to meet your special project goals.

Your research can make the world a better place, but you either don’t know how to explain it briefly in plain language or can’t think of direct market applications. We can help.

You need a matchmaker to connect your project to the right industry partners. Finding the supporters that can get your ideas to market — that’s one of our favourite things!

Great ideas don’t always pay for themselves. We help you build the team, tell the story and make the connections that will get your ideas funded.

Diane Harms - Lead Consultant

“My clients have called me the ‘architect’ of their proposals. I help them set the vision and hold it from start to finish. I love being strategic and innovative in helping my clients explain WHY their work matters to the world, why it deserves to be funded and supported.”



TEL: 306-370-6034  |  diane@harmsandcompany.com

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